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October 4, 2011
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I was different than most of the pokemon fans I have seen. I got into pokemon around the time of Heartgold and Soulsilver. Soulsilver was a surprise Christmas present that I got one year. I started playing it and I couldn't stop! That is, until Pokemon Black and White came out. I was ecstatic when I heard all about the new game. When I got pokemon black, I instantly dropped Soulsilver and got started on the new game. I all of it! Everything was way better than Soulsilver, and I even got a crush on the character, N. I used to have a crush on Red, but everything I had done on Soulsilver seemed to vanish, except my love of the pokemon I had in the game. I eventually wanted to bring my beloved pokemon from Soulsilver into Pokemon Black, so I tried my hardest as possible to beat the Elite Four.

One day, after three tries to beat the Elite Four and loosing, I decided to go back to my Soulsilver for some nostalgia. After starting up the game and skipping past the intro, I looked at the start screen… and it seemed off. I ignored the feeling, thinking that it was because I just hadn't played the game in a while. I got up on my saved game and I saw that I was in Ecruteak City. Then I remembered that all I had to do was defeat Red, and then I would be finished with the game. So I then flew to Victory Road on my Crobat, Crowbar, because I wanted to save my effort for trekking up Mt. Silver. Then I flew to the Mt. Silver Pokemon Center. I walked into the pokemon center because I thought it wouldn't hurt to heal my pokemon once more before I went up the mountain.  It seemed normal at first, but then I realized that no one was there. At all. There were also parts of the main room that were redder than they usually are. I got worried and ran out of the pokemon center, coming face to face with Blue. Or at least I thought it was Blue. He was covered with red stuff. Then, text flashed up on the screen.

"Blue: You, why do you seem so familiar…"

"I remember now! You're the one…"


Then we went into a battle and I got a good look at Blue. He wasn't a pretty sight.

There were what looked like deep gauges in his chest and arms. He was slightly bent, with a hand on his knee, like he was about to fall over. His face had scratches all over it and his eyes were wide open. Although, the thing that scared me the most was his expression. He looked sad, angry, scared and confused all at the same time. And he was covered with red stuff, like before. Then it dawned on me. The pokemon center, Blue, all that red coloring… was… blood. I started to freak out, trying to tell myself that it was just a game. What had happened to him? Blue had sent out a level 52 Eevee, and I saw that its health was dangerously low. All of my pokemon had extremely high levels, so I didn't worry about it too much. Although, as I looked closer at the Eevee, I realized it looked like Blue, as it had all the same gauges and scratches as he did. Including all of the blood.

My Umbreon, Shadow, had come out to battle. It was taking longer to defeat Blue's Eevee than I had expected, because all of Shadow's attacks either weren't very effective and did little damage, or a text box appeared to say "Shadow was too afraid to attack!". Afraid of what? Luckily, Shadow lost little health because of the Eevee's level, and because of the same message appearing for the Eevee. Also, Blue would come in every time I landed a hit and say stuff like, "I don't get it…", "I was just coming to visit…", "Why did he do it?", "I thought I was his friend…", and "This problem must be resolved.".

Eventually I won, and I returned to the overworld sprites. Blue said, "Kendel, you have to go to Red. Go solve this." Then, the screen went black and in red letters it said, "Blue has died." It returned to the overworld sprites. Blue was lying on the ground, with his Eevee beside him. The Eevee took a few steps and stopped. The screen went black again and it said, "Eevee has died." How did Blue know my real name? I didn't use it as my in game trainer name! I couldn't believe that Blue and his Eevee just died. That doesn't happen in pokemon, they just faint! Did something happen with Red? The thoughts just kept coming, but all I knew was that I had to see what was going on with Red and avenge Blue. So I started to head up the mountain.

As I got closer and closer to the mountain, there were less pokemon encounters and more splotches of blood on the ground and the trees. At the base of the mountain, all I saw was blood and more dead pokemon among the tall grass. I thought I was going to faint, but I knew I had to get up the mountain to go see Red, so I kept it together and started up Mt. Silver. When I made it to the top, I saw Red waiting there. When I got within 5 steps of him, an exclamation point appeared over his head and he came over. He said, "Kendel! You're back! I missed you so much! Where were you? Did you miss me? He he… I know you did. Blue said that I should forget about you, can you believe it? But I would never do that, no, never. Hey, do you like what I did? Yes/No" He did all of this? All those pokemon on the mountain, the pokemon center, Eevee… and Blue was all his doing. I instantly said no. Now I wish I hadn't. "Y-you … don't?" I felt so hurt inside. "Wait, are you seeing someone else? It's that N guy, isn't it? How could you? I thought we had something special!" I started to feel really bad. I didn't know why, but I did. "I'll teach you to not to mess with my heart!" Then a battle started.

Red's sprite was horrifying. He was carrying a Charzard head and hugging it close to his chest. He had a knife in his pocket and he was covered with blood. His eyes were open wide and he had an evil smile. He sent out his Pikachu. It was very thin and covered with blood. It looked so sad and scared. Its level was 100 and its nickname was Kendel. That was creepy, but not surprising. I had sent out Shadow. Even though Kendel was low on health, it didn't matter. I couldn't even land a single hit. The same message that came up when I battled Blue showed up every time I tried to fight. I thought it might just be Shadow.

Kendel used a strange move, Heart Break. I heard Shadow emit a sad cry and its health bar dropped a lot. Kendel then used another strange move, Betrayal. Another sad cry came from Shadow and his health dropped to zero. Shadow's sprite then faded.

"Shadow has died of a broken heart."

I was so sad. I felt like I lost a part of me.

The same happened for my other 4 pokemon. Crowbar, Rage, my Gyarados, Runner, my Rapidash, and Mindless, my Dodrio all died of a broken heart. Next was my Typhlosion, Sin.

"No!" I cried out. I didn't want to lose him. I couldn't lose him. He was a part of me.

Red answered. "Oh really? Well I'll show you the nice person that I am and give you another chance. Will you love me forever? Yes/No" I was afraid that if I said no, he would kill Sin and do something worse to me. I said yes.

Red let me go and all my pokemon were perfectly healthy and alive.

"Red: Don't forget our date tomorrow! Right here, seven!"

I couldn't live anymore. I couldn't see anyone without his permission. Even if I could, I always saw him. He is everywhere. But no one believes me. They all think I'm crazy. They told me to stop playing pokemon. That just made him angry. They all died the next day. Then the others thought it was me. Thank you Red, you've made me so happy.

"You're welcome Kendel. Anything for my love."
Warning: contains blood and death.

Yay my first Creepypasta! its finally finished! Hope you like it.
I do have those pokemon in the game to a degree. there not nearly a high level and Runner is a Ponyta. Idk why i put that down.

Plz comment. Fanart would be great, and if you do plz comment with a link, cuz i would luv to see it!

I don't own Pokemon, nor any of their characters.
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I was listening to "Muk You"... so perfectly matching.
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The story makes so much sense now. When pickachu used betrayal on each of your pkm they died of a broken heart because you ditched them for the black and white pkm.
YakkoWarner18 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh glob. I love it! A lot! I am a dummy! 
Even if I might never play HeartGold ever again.
do you have more?
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You go up to the tab at the top labeled "Submit", then go to submit art. When given the option to submit a file, choose the Word(or similar document program) file that contains your writing, or you could also go to the link under the select file button and copy and paste the text. Then put in a title, description, and tags, and upload!
togepi1234 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Student General Artist
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